10 Tips for Mompreneurs

10 Tips for Mompreneurs

In last week’s post, Annie shared her story of how she began Annee Matthew – in her search for stylish nursing wear, she came up empty – and so decided to start her own instead! This week, she shares her 10 tips for mompreneurs. This is also relevant if you are running / starting a SOHO business! Here are 10 things you need to know:

1. Discipline is key
– Create a time table for everyone to see mom’s working hours (it could be 20-30mins block)
– Then stick to the time table!

2. Have a proper office
– Create a working space (with a no entry sign, if possible, when mom is working)
– It could be the dining table, but when mom is there working during her working hours, nobody disturbs her (this would take some training with the younger children but you gotta stick to it)

3. Perfection is not the goal
– It’s OK to have a messy house; nobody is going to judge you
– It’s OK to have messy looking healthy kids; they are having fun and you are a wonderful mom

4. Have a TO DO LIST
– Prioritize; get the most important done first and the least important, when you have extra time & energy
– Have a fresh list every night and, don’t give yourself any excuses that “the list is in my head!”
What the mind sees, it will do; so, make sure you write it down.

5. Be flexible
– If things doesn’t work out the way you planned, it’s OK
– Look at the lessons learned and move on
– The goal is not as important as what you would have to become to achieve that goal
– Learn to laugh at your own mistakes

6. Build a network
– All businesses are built on a network of people
– Join playgroups, community centres etc.; take every chance to build your network
– Word of mouth is the best form of advertising
– You may be able to source for much of what you need from your network

7. Share your experiences
– Do not hard sell to your target market
– People tend to shy away from any sort of sales but they are open to hear a story
– Be genuine & sincere
– Don’t just communicate; connect with your target market

8. Excellent product and services
– Whatever business you are in, make sure your products/services are excellent
– Always ask yourself if YOU would consume/use your own products/services
– Always ask for customer feedback to improve

9. Build relationships
– You need to develop good relationships with your end customers, suppliers and middlemen/retailers/wholesalers
– Take time to get to know people because in times of need, you will need their help and they will help you

10. Be humble. Be grateful
– Never forget how you began
– Be grateful to those who helped you & bless those who couldn’t
– Always be ready to help others whenever you can
– Hold no grudges; learn to smile and let it go

The whole journey is a constant juggle, full of ups and downs, but definitely a fulfilling one. Good luck on your entrepreneurship journey, as mom and a driven individual!

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