How Many Nursing Tops Do You Need?

How Many Nursing Tops Do You Need?

Building a post-pregnancy wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to spend a pretty penny, especially if you plan ahead and think about how many nursing tops you truly need. Not only will planning save you money, choosing wisely will also mean that these tops can be incorporated into your post-breastfeeding wardrobe, if you take care to pick tops that suit your overall style and aesthetic.

Do I even need a nursing top?

To be honest, if you continue to wear ‘normal’ clothes, like oversized t-shirts, or even loose, flowing clothes – nursing is still possible. However, these clothes are not cut for nursing. This means that giving your baby breastfeeding access might be awkward or even end up damaging your clothes, like when you repeatedly tug at your straps or collar, or when you lift your T-shirt up from the bottom, exposing yourself unnecessarily. Oversized, shapeless clothes are unflattering, and for stylish mamas like you, we know how not looking your best might make you lose confidence, no matter how confident you really are about yourself.

So how many nursing tops do you need?

Before we go into how many nursing tops you really need, you will first need to think about what to look out for in the nursing top itself. The most important factor is of course ease of accessibility, because you would not want to struggle awkwardly with your top when feeding your baby. There are a few ways nursing tops give nursing access – from the neckline, from an empire cut, and from the center.

Année Matthew Alana Tiered Nursing DressThe Alana Summer Tier Nursing Dress – Empire nursing access

Then, there is the question of comfort – nursing tops should not be constricting or restrict your movement. Quality is also an important factor, because we believe in investing in a top that lasts: you save more in the long run when you don’t have to run out and get new ones after just a few wears. Nursing tops need to hold up to general wear and tear, stains and the general day-to-day of being a mom.

Basics: 3 pieces

201401371008-2Angel PJ Long Pants & Cami

A basic camisole or tank top that goes with everything is essential – get at least a pack of 3, in neutral colours like black, white or nude. These tops can also double up as pajama tops on warm nights, or used as a basic layer beneath sheer tops. Black would be best to hide stains.

Day to Day Loungewear: 2-3 tops

201400861003-2Maternity & Nursing Tier Top

We recommend at least 3 tops to wear interchangeably. We believe in looking cute even when at home! It’s a real boost to your confidence, especially important when you’re spending a lot of time at home. It’s important to feel like you’re still groomed and presentable. Plus, for the times when you need to answer the door or run to the corner store – no need to change out or fear that you aren’t dressed appropriately.

Running Errands/Shopping/Days out: 3 tops

201401241006 (3)Rosette Maternity & Nursing Tunic

Whether you are going out for a breather with friends, going for a quick shopping trip, or running errands, it’ll be good to have tops that are easy to throw on and can go with everything. Choose 1-2 tops that pair well with shorts and pants, and at least one longer tunic top that can go with leggings. Day dresses are also a great option for the days when you feel like you aren’t quite ready for shorts yet.

Nights out: 1-2 tops, 1 – 2 dresses

201401331002-3Aubrey Maternity & Nursing Tube Dress

It’s nice to get something fancier for dinners and any events that you will want to dress out for. Remember: this is also about self-love – giving yourself permission to dress up will not only make you feel more confident, but will also boost your overall happiness. To make sure that these tops will also go on to have a place in your wardrobe even after you’re done nursing, invest in pieces that suit your overall style!

Image at top is by Jomphong.

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