How to Care for Your Nursing Bras

How to Care for Your Nursing Bras

So you just got some brand new nursing bras Рgreat! Did you know that by caring for them well, you can prolong their life span? Make them work for you throughout your breastfeeding years and even beyond by following a few simple tips.

1 Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing.

Nylon and spandex don’t shrink, but bras made out of cotton may shrink on their first wash. So make sure you know what fabric your bras are made of! Annee Matthew bras are made of nylon and spandex so there will be no shrinkage. But washing in cold water can help to preserve colors as well as delicate fabrics. As bras are smaller and more delicate, cold water is a good option.

2 Remove bra pads before washing.

This is so that your bras won’t lose their shape. Ideally, the bra pads should be washed by hand, but if you must wash them in a machine…

3 Be sure to use a a lingerie bag.

A lingerie bag will help to prevent hooks and straps from snagging and catching onto other items of clothing. This will also prevent them from stretching when being tumbled around in the machine.

4 Hang them out to dry

It’s important not to use a dryer as it’s a harsh environment that will cause your bras to fade, stretch and lose their shape easily. So whenever possible, hang them out to dry.

5 Store them well

Many women tend to store their bras by folding them into half and inverting one cup into the other. This will actually cause the bra cups to lose their shape more easily and to cause dimpling. The better way to do it would be to twist the bra from the center and fold. This will still help you to save on wardrobe space while still preserving the shape of your bras.

Just taking these steps to care for your bras will ensure you can extend their life for maximum wear and support.

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