Michelle’s Breastfeeding Journey

Michelle’s Breastfeeding Journey

One of the greatest joys of breastfeeding is the bond between my son and I. I love the feeling of indulging in holding him against my chest, smelling his powdery baby scent; it is a time where I get a chance to take a short breather and enjoy a small pocket of solitude with him throughout the day.

When I first started out breastfeeding, I was faced with the usual challenges of cracked nipples, engorgement – I had mastitis as well. I was sorely tempted to give up direct latching my baby and maybe even breastfeeding as well. Lucky for me, I have a very supportive husband and friends. With their encouragement, I decided to hang in there and continue direct latching my baby. I have to admit, the thought of not having to wash and sterilise bottles and pumps throughout the day was a substantial part in motivating me to direct latch. 🙂 Breastfeeding became a breeze after almost 2 months. Its been 7 months already and I am still breastfeeding.

I’m so glad I decided to hang in there and chose not to give up direct latching. After toughing it out the first 2 months, life is really much easier especially in the middle of the night and when going out – without the need of carrying milk bottles, formula and hot water flasks – I can just feed my baby anywhere.

Being a mom has taught me to become a more patient and tolerant person. Granted, with just my husband and I taking care of a baby on our own, it’s really no easy task. After having a baby, we’ve had to alter our lifestyle drastically, and just when we thought we ‘ve gotten the hang of taking care of a baby, he goes through a mental leap, learns new skills and his behavior starts to change and we have to adapt again. I look forward to seeing many of his ‘firsts’ and being there when he finally calls me ‘Mama’! 🙂

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