Shield of Love – Anti Radiation Nursing Cover (flamingo)

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Shield your baby with 99% shielding effectiveness from everyday radiation of the cell phones, laptops etc.

Radiation from electronic devices can pose a danger to your unborn child and may effect early development in childhood. Now you can protect you child with our anti radiation nursing cover!

Made from 34% polyester 41% cotton 25% metal fiber, the fabric has shielding effectiveness of 99% (~80dB).
Generous size 40″ x 23″
Two tie backs to keep the sides in place
Adjustable straps with stainless steel buckle
Non rigid neckline for easy fold

Cell Phone Test:
– place your phone under the cover
– signal bars will decrease after a 1 minute

The cell phone test is an indicator and not an absolute measurement of shielding effectiveness. In some cases where cellular strength is high, it will register normal signal bars strength even though 99% of the radiation is being blocked. Change location or use a different service provider.

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