Top 5 Most Popular Breastfeeding Resources

Top 5 Most Popular Breastfeeding Resources

We have a lot of great breastfeeding content on our site, and to make it easier for you, here are our top 5 most popular breastfeeding resources, all in one handy post!

1. 10 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

“When consuming caffeine, these chemicals can cause sleeplessness in your infant, which in turn can cause crankiness and other kinds of sleep disorders. Because of its potency, caffeine isn’t secreted out of the digestive system. Caffeine also causes intestinal irritation, since an infant’s digestive system isn’t fully developed yet. If you must consume caffeinated products, make sure there’s ample time to allow your body to process it out of your system (about 6 hours).”

2. Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips from Moms
“Prepare for nipple chafing. One thing I wished one gotten in preparation was the breast shells/shields. They would have helped a lot to protect my nipples from chafing in the first few weeks. 😉 – Mei”

3. 10 Must-Have Tools for Breastfeeding
“Breast Milk Pump
If you are planning to return to work, yet still want to continue breastfeeding your infant, then a breast milk pump is an essential must-have. A hand pump is fine for the infrequent use in the comfort of your own home, but investing in a double electric pump for more frequent uses will make things easier for you. You should also get an extra set of pump parts, so you can have a clean set ready while you wash the other set.”

4. 10 Methods to Store Breastmilk

“Refrigerator method
Place your expressed breast milk in sterilized containers. Store it at the back part of the refrigerator which is kept at a maximum of 39 degrees F (3 deg C). While this method of storage is optimal for keeping breastmilk fresh for 72 hours, it is still acceptable to store breast milk in this manner for up to 8 days.”

5. Debunking 7 Biggest Breastfeeding Myths

“Myth #1: Babies who are frequently breastfeed grow into obese children.
Actually, the opposite is true. Babies who are weaned from breastfeeding early and fed formula over-enthusiastically are more likely to be obese later in life. Breastfed babies learn to regulate their own feeding pattern and stop eating when they are full and have consumed all they need.”

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