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10 Essentials For Your Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe

Becoming a new mom is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. For most, being pregnant is a glowing reminder of the beautiful new life that will soon change your world forever. However, after baby is born, there’s a certain reality that sets in with regard to how you look and feel about yourself. It takes weeks or even months to get your pre-baby body back in shape and back into your old clothes. Many new moms find it extrememly difficult to figure out the best way to handle this transition period. Here are ten essential items that every mom should include in her post-pregnancy wardrobe that will have her feeling like her beautifully confident self.


1. Nursing BraDSC_1010-2
Once your baby arrives and you begin to nurse, your breasts will need lots of support. You’ll want a nursing bra that is easy to use and comfortable to wear. You’ll fluctuate in size depending on how much milk you produce and how often you feed, so flexibility is important. A good nursing bra should have cup flaps that are easily opened and closed with one hand, and allow enough space for your baby to feed without restrictions. In addition, it’s crucial to have a nursing bra that does not squeeze the breasts as this could interrupt milk production and cause discomfort throughout the day.

2. Postpartum Shapewear
Many new moms find it less than desirable to look down and see that postpartum pouch that is present after the birth of their baby. While it’s unrealistic and way too harsh on yourself to expect your body to be like your pre-baby self immediately, sometimes new mothers just need that extra boost of confidence. Therefore, investing in good postpartum shapewear is a must. These pieces provide extra support for those times that new moms want to feel beautifully sexy and slim, especially on special occasions.

3. Stretchy Pants
One of the most disconcerting issues with regard to a postpartum wardrobe is having pants that fit. You might not fit into your pre-pregnancy pants yet, but at the same time, maternity pants seem out of shape or simply too big for you now. The best way to temporarily solve this issue is by getting a nice pair of stretchy pants such as yoga pants or leggings (or jeggings – jean leggings!). Paired with an over-sized top, stretchy pants are a comfortable, easy-to-wear option that will make you look like you are back in normal clothes.

4. Nursing Tops
Investing in a few, good-quality, nursing tops is essential for all new moms. These tops are meant to be useful and discreet when nursing in public places. Just lift the flap, unhook the nursing bra, and nurse. No need to lift your entire shirt and expose your midriff. These tops come in an array of styles and colors which will have you back to looking more like your old self.

5. Nursing Dress

Many new moms long to be back in clothes that make them feel pretty and sexy. The best way to get this feeling is with a good-quality nursing dress. These items are not just functional, but come in all sorts of trendy styles to get you back to your fashionable self. What better way to look beautiful for a night out with your husband than a comfortable, fashion-forward dress?

6. Postpartum Jeans
A good jean is an essential element to any wardrobe and the one piece that new moms crave. Unfortunately, it may be several months before you’re able to fit into your pre-baby denim, so invest in at least one, high-end pair of jeans specifically designed for your after-baby body. These jeans have plenty of stretch, are generously sized, and fit like a tailored pant, which means you’ll look like the hot momma you actually are.

7. Flirty Cardigan
A key element to a post-pregnancy wardrobe is a flirty, unstructured, cardigan. This piece can be worn over a long tank or tunic and gives the illusion of a flatter belly. It ultimately takes the eye away from the belly area while adding flair and style to any top.

8. Lounge Wear
It’s no secret that new moms have days when they don’t leave the house. These are the days that require a functional, yet comfortable, lounging outfit. You’ll want something that looks nice enough to answer the door for the delivery guy, but cozy enough for napping while the baby is asleep. Undoubtedly, this outfit will be your go-to ensemble day and night.

9. Skirts
Long, short, flirty, or structured, every mom needs a good skirt. Postpartum, these pieces come in handy on days where you’re still not up for trying to fit into a pair of shorts, but it’s too warm for pants. A good skirt can go a long way in jazzing up the post-pregnancy wardrobe and adding a little spring in your step.

10. Tunic
Probably one of the most helpful pieces of clothing for the postpartum mom is the tunic. It’s long, flowing, cut in a stylish way to hide that after-baby pouch that can be so annoying for moms to cover. Paired with jeans, stretch pants, or leggings, the tunic is the perfect way to add a little flirty style to your wardrobe.

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