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3 Best Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for your 30’s

Of all breast cancer cases, 15% of women who develop it have family members who have been diagnosed with it before. That means a whopping 85% of it develop breast cancer from factors other than heredity, such as bad eating habits, environmental toxins and stress.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Your 30s

There are increasing numbers of women under 40 years old have being diagnosed with breast cancer in the last four decades due to preventable factors. Did you know that, according to the University of Columbia, roughly 95% of all cancers are due to bad diet and the accumulation of toxins?

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #1: Perfect time to get back into healthy habits.

Many people often pick up bad habits in their teens and 20’s, like eating junk food, consuming too much sugar and caffeine. Luckily, it’s not too late! Your 30’s  is the perfect time to start picking up those healthy habits that will pay off for you later on. These include eating less sugar, adding more veggies into your diet, incorporating organic proteins, and choosing healthy fats such as Omega 3 oils. Also, lowering your consumption of alcohol and drinking more fresh, pure water. It’s also essential to develop a self-nurturing routine that incorporates stress-reduction techniques such as meditation and healthy forms of exercise.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #2: Cut back on the toxins.

In our society today, toxins are all around us even though they aren’t visible to us. They exist in our food and beauty products. Choose organic whenever you can: especially your food sources – the things you consume and put directly onto your skin. Learn about how to create a “toxin-free” home; this includes reducing your exposure to Wi-Fi and cell phone electro-pollution. You have a lot you want to accomplish! Get in the habit of detoxing your body regularly through short-term fasts, enemas, or professionally-guided detox regimens. You will be helping your liver, kidney, and digestive system to function at its best so that you can be your most energized self.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #3: Think twice about oral contraceptives.

As convenient as they may be, those little pills are actually considered a Category 1 “Known and Probable Carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, alongside tobacco, diesel exhaust, and plutonium. In addition, a 2014 study done by the American Association for Cancer Research found that breast cancer risk increased by 50% in those who used oral contraception.

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