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5 of Our Favourite Mommy Bloggers

We’re constantly seeking out inspiration and advice from fellow mothers on the Internet, and we always end up gleaning great insights from what they’ve learnt along the way. Here are five of our favorite mommy bloggers we find ourselves visiting on the daily!

1. Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child, LA

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Rebecca and her gorgeous brood of four have truly captured our hearts; with Rebecca’s real, true-to-life musings on marriage and motherhood and a talent for capturing magic in the ordinary, we’re always excited to see her posts pop up in our feed. Read: In this post on the early days of her marriage, she shares an honest look at those hard-to-define, complex emotions that accompany marriage and identity:

“Years ago, I used to take off my wedding ring when I went out. I loved Hal, sure, but I didn’t love being a wife. And when I went out alone, I wanted to be myself, uncompromising and unhinged and committed to nothing and no one but the moment. Because I felt a part of me had died and I needed to revive it… I needed to let it out of its cage to remind me that I was more than just someone’s mother, someone’s wife… I was simply (for a few hours, anyway) my own me. I belonged to myself.”

2. Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo, NYC


Joanna is a magazine-writer turned blogger who chronicles her life with her two baby boys while writing about lifestyle, beauty and fashion. We especially love her Motherhood Around the World series, which shows an interesting peek into the ways attitudes towards parenting differ from country to country. Read: 24 Surprising Things about Parenting in the US:

The most surprising thing for me was the lunchbox. In Japan, we take it quite seriously. Growing up, our typical lunch box would be eggs, fried chicken, vegetables — a proper meal. When I first saw my husband prepare a lunchbox for our son, it was bread, peanut butter, chips…and that was all. He assured me it was normal.
—Reika Yo Alexander, who moved from Japan to New York

3. Mary of Finding Magnolia


Mary is the adoptive mother to two daughters, and moves us with the thoughtfulness and care she put into the adoption process. Down-to-earth and informative, she gives us an unvarnished look at parenting her two little girls that we appreciate for its realness.

“This is the story of our family. We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a loving family, so we have chosen to build our family through adoption. Zinashi came to our family at age three in Autumn 2010, and Elvie arrived in our arms at the age of five months in Summer 2012. This blog is the story of our family, of the joys and struggles inherent in adoption. While we believe strongly in finding families for children who need them, we believe just as strongly in preserving families so that adoption is not necessary. Adoption can be a beautiful thing, but it is born out of loss, and we hope that those who read our story will be both encouraged and cautioned. If you would like to adopt, tread carefully. Do your research. Go all in both for the children who need you to be their family and for the children who need you to help them stay in their present homes.”

4. Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor


Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Chriselle is also a new mother to her 5-month-old baby girl Chloe. The photos of Chriselle and her cherubic baby girl have got us swooning! With a newly-launched motherhood column on Mondays, she shares her perspective as a new mom in 20 Things They Don’t Tell You about Pregnancy, Giving Birth & Motherhood:

“When I think of breastfeeding I always thought that it was kind of like drinking from a fountain. But let me tell you guys, that was not the case!! It took a lot of work and patience to even produce the tiniest amount of milk. Apparently when the baby latches on, that’s how you’re telling your body that it needs to produce milk, so my milk didn’t actually come out until a few days later. It was so frustrating, and I wanted to give up because I thought my body was not capable of producing milk, but I kept pushing forward, and on the 5th day finally I started to produce some milk! (I had to supplement with formula in the beginning because of my no milk supply.)”

5. Katie of the Empowered Birth Project


Katie inspires us with a no-holds-barred approach to sharing about her pregnancy journey. On a mission to ‘inspire and empower birthing women to take full ownership of their pregnancies and births, to share experiences and information, and to create a community of support and healing’, she has nothing but our support and admiration! Here, she shares her compassionate viewpoint on the issue of breastfeeding:

“Thankfully, human breastmilk is recognized around the world as the best source of nourishment for a baby. What a relief to put that debate to rest, after decades of marketing tactics by formula companies that led many women to believe their goddess-given, life-sustaining nectar is inferior. Now, as a whole, we can recognize and validate the art of breastfeeding for the gorgeous, miraculous act that it is. But for the women who don’t produce enough milk, who struggle for whatever reason to breastfeed, or who simply choose the bottle, I would say this: “Fed is best.” Your giving and loving is good. Thank you for feeding your child. You are doing a great job.”

We’d love to hear from you – who are some of your favorite mommy bloggers?

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  1. Gosh, i’m just seeing this feature! Thank you so much mama! I’m so excited. 🙂

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