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How to have attractive breasts after kids?

Let’s get real.

Fallen breasts are common for moms! It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, they will show signs of sagging with age. Don’t despair! There are some things that you can do to stop them for sagging even more!

But, first and foremost, lets understand a bit about the breasts.

Our breasts are made of 3 tissues:

  1. The fibrous tissues that hold everything in place
  2. The granular tissues that contains milk ducts
  3. The fatty tissues that fills up the spaces in between to give breasts the shape

When you are pregnant, you will have more milk ducts and fatty tissues. Hence your breasts will grow bigger, and heavier. But after you’re done with breastfeeding, your milk ducts will shrink and if you also loose weight, your breast will sag.

Are saggy breasts inevitable?

Every woman who is breastfeeding or recently weaned their baby is interested in whether her breasts will ever look the same as they used to. Your breasts used to be toned and firm and now, especially if you used to breastfeed and have stopped, the skin is stretched and the breasts hang lower.

Breasts are a very special part of a woman’s body. We all like to take good care of them want them to be healthy and look beautiful.

The bad news is that for many of us, our breasts will never really be the same after breastfeeding. It’s important to keep in mind that all women’s breasts change and become less toned with age whether they breastfeed or not.

The good news is that there are several things we can do to minimize sagginess.

  • exercise
  • massage
  • avoid certain positions while breastfeeding
  • support the breasts with a bra

What to do if you’re still breastfeeding?

  • Avoid Leaning Over  When you are nursing your baby, especially when the baby is very tiny, use a pillow to raise your baby up high enough to meet your breast. Avoid leaning over and angling your breast down into your baby’s mouth. This will help prevent your skin from stretching even more.
  • Wear a Good Bra  The skin in your breasts needs support. Get a good nursing or sports bra to hold your breasts up. This will prevent further sagging. Make sure you are wearing a bra in the correct size, as the wrong size will only cause more damage to your tissues in the long run.
  • Eat Less Animal Fat  Reduce your animal fat intake and eat more wholegrain cereals, legumes, and green vegetables. Use this time while you are nursing to eat more salads, olive oil, and fresh fruits. Eat foods rich in vitamin B (eggs, fish, and poultry) and E (nuts, seeds, and leafy greens). These vitamins help maintain skin’s elasticity and tone.
  • Hot and Cold Showers While you are in the shower, switch between hot and cold water. This will improve your circulation and skin tone. Finish your shower with cold water. That way your breast skin will stay firm.
  • Wean Gradually When you are ready to plan weaning, leave time to do it gradually. The more gradually you wean, the more you will help the fat tissue to redeposit inside breasts. That will help them regain their pre-pregnancy appearance more quickly.
  • Avoid Rapid Weight Loss Breastfeeding can help women lose their pregnancy weight. But be careful. If you find that the kgs are just falling off, your skin won’t be able to keep up. Try to lose that weight gradually so that your skin has time to change too.

What to do when you have stopped breastfeeding?

You cannot build up your breasts like some other part of your body. Breasts are not composed of muscles and ligaments. Instead, they only have fatty tissue and that’s why they are prone to sagging.


You can, however, strengthen the muscles that hold the breasts up and work on your posture. Have you noticed that while you are breastfeeding you tend to slouch over? When we hold ourselves up with good back posture, our breasts follow along and don’t sag as much. By exercising your pectoral and back muscles, you will build the strength required to hold your breasts up, making them appear more toned.


DIY massages with oil can be done on your breasts to improve the blood circulation, stimulates collagen production and improves elasticity of the skin. Do these massages daily, at least 10 mins on each side, too be effective. It takes about 2-3 weeks to notice a difference.

Wear a proper fitted bra

It is important to properly support your fallen breasts to avoid further fall, in proper fitted bra. Choose a bra that can uplift so you will look better under clothes.

Contact us on Instagram should you require a virtual bra fitting.

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