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Importance and Benefits of Post Partum Belts

Anyone who has gone through childbirth will know that it’s a physically taxing event. During this undoubtedly beautiful and miraculous process, your body goes through a lot of changes – your abdominal muscles and your pelvic area is stretched, pulled and pushed in order to deliver your baby. Even delivery via C-section requires a healing process where your abdominal area needs as much support and care as possible.

“When I was in labor, I felt there was a huge ball of stone inside me, rolling from side to side. No sooner was my baby out than I felt totally drained and light of body. A few hours later, when I took my first step after the delivery, I felt as if I was floating and thought my stomach would hit the floor because it felt all loose and flabby. My mother was quick to reassure me that it was normal to feel that way and that ‘belly binding’ would bring it back to its old shape…” from


Postpartum belt – long

1 Postpartum belts offer great support. 

Not only will belts help to support your stomach and abs, it will alleviate the pressure on your lower back. Childbirth causes stress on the lower back, which can continue if you are breastfeeding. By helping you to sit up straighter, not slouch and maintain a better posture, it can also help prevent lower back ache. As an added bonus, it can also help your stomach regain a flatter appearance.

2 Reduces stretch marks and improves recovery time.

Belly binding is believed to be reduce the appearance of stretch marks as it helps to hold the skin together as the belly heals. It also takes some of the pressure off your back muscles by supporting your belly, allowing your pelvis to recover faster. It is also believed to reduce the risk of hernia. While not much scientific research has been done, many mothers have attested to the benefits and report feeling less pain and discomfort in the healing process.

3 Belly binding has been around for a long time.

Women have turned to belly binding for generations. To counter the wobbly feeling ‘looseness’ and aches and pains, belly binding emerged as a solution. It started out as long pieces of cloth or sheets that are wound around the stomach to help hold in the organs and tighten the muscles. There are different styles and techniques used in different cultures, such as ‘Faja’ or ‘Bengkung’.


Post-partum belt – short

4 Avoid binding too hard.

It should feel firm but not too tight, and you should not feel like you have difficulty breathing. If there is too much pressure, you may experience constipation or discomfort in your digestion.

Additionally, other than belly binding, breastfeeding is also associated with helping your body to trigger hormones that help your uterus contract back to its original size quicker. Along with eating well and getting enough rest, you can help your body to heal – and you may find a postpartum belt useful in this process. With many belts available on the market, do your research and choose one to suit your needs.

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