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Mabel’s Motherhood Journey

“Both elder brothers dote on the little one very much. We are one big family!”
Mabel is a nurse and has three sons aged 11, 8 and 1.5 years old. She shares some of her greatest joys and challenges of motherhood so far.

1. Greatest joys
All my three boys are strong and robust – and I believe breast milk is the most natural source of all the vitamins and minerals a baby requires, even past six months old! Seeing my kids grow healthy is no secondary joy to the bonding that I’ve had with them through breastfeeding.

My husband has also always commented that I have that kind of “aura” when I breastfeed my kids – imagine that classic image of a mom gently looking into baby’s eyes while feeding… I feel the more milk I give my kids, the more love I pass on.

2. Greatest challenges

This has got to be all the initial struggles! Regardless of how experienced a mummy is, each child behaves differently and the breastfeeding journey is never smooth sailing for all. I had mastitis with fever, I had lacerated nipples with raw skin exposed. The pain I went through is unimaginable, but, it only takes a mum’s love to overcome all these. Therefore I could still crawl up in the middle of the night to feed my son, crying and tolerating the pain…

3. What helped you on your breastfeeding journey?

The most important help I received is from my husband. He has always been very supportive. Whatever I needed, he would dash out to get it without asking a word, be it nipple shields, nursing pillows etc. Aside from this, I think mummy needs to have the most accurate knowledge about lactation. Seeking professional help is essential if in doubt. Should not simply follow old sayings.

4. General thoughts on being a mum:

It is a great joy to be a mother with mountainous responsibilities. Although the complications can be high blood pressure and losing your temper occasionally, the slightest improvement from the kids will pay off as the best reward.

As a mum, I learn at the same time alongside my child. I grow wiser as my children get older!

The image of mothers can no longer be the traditional type – modern mummies should try to remain active and energetic. I would always want to look refreshed and fabulous, and that is why I choose my nursing wear selectively. I want to shake off the old tired look as a run-down mummy…Haha!

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