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Regular Nursing Bra or Nursing Sports Bra?

Breastfeeding moms would probably agree that having great support and comfort is essential for breastfeeding success. No pokey wires or uncomfortable fabrics – the process can be eased by picking a great bra that is not only comfortable, but gives you an easy breastfeeding experience.

Are you thinking of which nursing bra you should invest in? Here are some considerations:

  1. Your lifestyle. Are you constantly on the go? Heading from the gym straight to grocery shopping? Activewear will probably be the better investment for you. Our yoga sports looks great under t-shirts, yet will still give you great support and freedom of movement.
  2. Your sense of style. What are the tops you usually like to wear? If you like form fitting clothes where your bust line comes into focus, then a great option is our classic nursing bra. Comes in a variety of colours that can be hidden under your top, or play a flirty peekaboo with them if you pick a candy colour. The classic nude bra is a wardrobe staple that will look great under more conservative work tops or white tank tops.
  3. Durability. Both bras are highly durable, but if you want a bra that you can toss into the washing machine without a second thought, it would be the yoga sports bra. Not only does it withstand multiple washes easily, our moms report that they keep their shape even after six months.
  4. Bust size. Our classic nursing bra comes with a bra strap extender, that can accommodate even the most well-endowed mama among you. However, for those who need an added boost of support, the yoga sports bra works well too. Women entering their menopause have also bought the sports bra from us, because of the wonderful support and comfort they provide during this period of time. The bra creates shape and eases backaches by distributing the support along the upper back.

Pick the bra that suits your lifestyle and gives you the greatest comfort and support. Whichever bra you pick, make sure it’s the right fit to get the most out of your best friend on your breastfeeding journey.

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