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Style for Two – 5 Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

If you’ve received advice that you must spend your entire pregnancy in sweatpants for comfort, you’ve definitely been misinformed. There is no hiding out at home for the next nine months. It is time to embrace your personal style by purchasing essentials to get you through your pregnancy without sacrificing fashion. Before you head to the store or add to your online shopping cart, consider these pieces for their versatility in your changing wardrobe.


Maternity Jeans.

Decades ago women were limited to basic, less than attractive pairs of denim during pregnancy. Not anymore. Those seeking trendy maternity clothes can opt for designer lines, but there are still stylish choices in many price points. If you are petite or taller, select the correct inseam options to tailor to your height. There are multiple variations of waists, washes and cuts to choose from. Jeans can be paired with a dressy top for a night out or just a simple shirt for a casual afternoon. Wear it with heels and you’re ready for a night out!

The Casual Dress.

Don’t do date night in yoga pants (unless you are at couples yoga). Or head to the office in sweats before searching for a casual dress to be a staple in your collection. Dresses are a comfortable and stylish way to accentuate your changing figure. Some popular choices are empire waist, tunics or wraps. Soft knit or jersey fabrics provide comfort but, add accessories to make it fit any occasion. Bonus- after the baby comes out you may get some extra wearing until you are back in your pre-baby clothes.

A Flattering Swimsuit.

Your first response may be disbelief since swimwear is dreaded even by many non-pregnant women, but consider that some mothers-to-be prefer activities like water aerobics for exercise. This may take a bit more looking to find than the other items on the list. But once you know it is in your drawer you are ready to go when the water calls.

Fashionable Flats.

Give your (expanding) feet a rest, put away the stilettos and embrace a comfortable pair of shoes. While you may be looking to minimize your growing figure, there is no reason you can’t draw attention below the ankles with a pair of flats that can add glamour to any outfit. You may want a couple of basic pairs that can go with any ensemble as well.

A Few Tank Tops or Camisoles

As you build yourself a wardrobe to get through the next few months, one of the most versatile pieces also lives in the inexpensive maternity clothes category – the tank top. Even if you refuse to part with your favorite designers due to this new wardrobe, this is a good place to save some money and stock up on an item that can be used alone or for layering.

There are more options than ever for trendy maternity clothes. By selecting essential pieces that can be dressed up or down you can make the most of your selections for the few months you will wear them.

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