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10 Advantages of Wearing a Nursing Bra

What’s the difference between a normal bra and a nursing bra? In this article, we explore why a nursing bra is essential for your optimal comfort while breastfeeding.


Are you pregnant or nursing? Then you should be familiar with the discomfort and irritation of wearing your everyday, pre-pregnancy bra. Perhaps they just don’t fit well anymore – or your favourite lace bras now just chafe and cause irritation. Because unlike a nursing bra, which is designed for nursing women, ordinary bras do not have the capacity to accommodate changes that happen to your breasts while pregnant and nursing, such as size and sensitivity.

So it’s now time to take a leap into the world of nursing bras! If you’re still on the fence, or researching which are the best nursing bras to look out for, we’ve compiled a list of benefits of wearing a nursing bra instead of an ordinary bra:

1. Comfort

Nursing bras do not have an underwire, yet are still able to support your breasts. This is unlike ordinary bras, which often come with an under-wire for support and becomes punishing for your breasts, as they press against the soft tissue, leading to aches and swells.

Additionally, the bras have a comfortable cotton underlining, reducing sensitivity caused by chafing against rough fabric, and cover a larger surface area.

2. Good health

While research is yet to be conclusive, experts suggest that the under-wire in ordinary bras may apply excess pressure on the milk ducts, effectively blocking them. This may cause mastitis, a condition that is often extremely uncomfortable.

Nursing bras have the dual benefit of being both comfortable yet supportive, ensuring that blood flows freely within your soft breast tissue.

3. Uninterrupted nursing

Blocked milk ducts may significantly reduce your breasts’ capacity to produce sufficient milk for the baby. In some cases, milk production may cease, interrupting your baby’s breastfeeding program.

4. Great for your baby’s health

Breast infections such as mastitis may pose a threat to the baby’s health and welfare too. So your nursing bra has an important part to play in ensuring that your baby grows strong, beautiful, and healthy!

5. Convenient

Imagine always taking off your bra to breastfeed your little one – it would be very inconvenient. However, a nursing bra comes with conveniently placed clips that are easy to hook and unhook in seconds, allowing quick and unhindered access to the breasts. At Annee Matthew, we have bras that have clips that can be removed with one hand, making access even quicker and easier.

6. Flexible

One of the most noticeable changes in nursing mothers is an increase in the breasts’ size.

A nursing bra is designed to accommodate your breasts’ changes in size comfortably. Especially with nursing bras that are made of fabrics that include spandex, you will never feel constrained by a good nursing bra. Additionally, there are several rows of hooks at the back, which makes the bra easily adjustable.

7. Relaxing

Your breasts grow in weight as well as in size. This can be very tiring and even irritating when relying on the thin and rough straps in ordinary bras to support the increased weight.

Nursing bras have strong and wide but comfortable straps – with a wider surface area, the strap doesn’t pull or pinch, spreading out the pressure and easing the fatigue associated with nursing.

8. Shape

One would be worried that the lack of a supportive under-wire will make the breasts sag. On the contrary, using a restrictive wire will lead to accumulation of fluids and soft tissue, making the breasts lose their shape and sag.

A nursing bra holds the breasts in shape, ensuring the shape and feel of the breasts is maintained and minimizing the effects of gravity in the long run!

9. Stylish

Nursing bras – especially seamless ones – are also attractive, and no one would be able to tell that you’re wearing a different bra, as they are also virtually invisible under your clothes. Molded foam cups also mean great versatility, as they have the ability to hide nipples and breast pads. Step out in confidence knowing that you’re well-covered!

10. Mix and Match to Suit your Wardrobe

There are actually many designs and colours available for nursing bras – no need for drab, boring ones. Pick colours that make your day, that can go with the tops in your wardrobe!

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